“You don’t get better. You get smarter, and you make life better.”

“You don’t get better. You get smarter, and you make life better.”

Mental Agility is my answer to “Mental Toughness”. A cliched bit of advice that, in my opinion, has been overused to the point of meaninglessness.

Mental toughness boils down to:

  • Just do it

  • Put your head down

  • Find a helmet

  • Grind it out

Grit, and perseverance are valuable virtues for any human to develop; I am not arguing against these virtues. I attack the lack of strategy.

Tough it out, is fantastic advice to someone who already knows what to do and has the ability to do it. Otherwise, it is impractical and dangerous advice to someone who has no idea what they are doing.

I collected various tools in the pursuit of permanent recovery from depression and anxiety. I write about philosophy, and different modes of thought that I experiment with to refine my perspective on life. I speak to the unique human ability to change our minds, and I show how to use tools to accomplish that change.

Since these tools have been tested on someone, like myself, with a severe mental illness; they can help improve the lives of those with AND without mental illness.

Gordon Corsetti


Sara Eden
Upper School Counselor,
Pace Academy

Having Gordon speak at Pace was a true gift.

He was open, honest, raw, and humorous about tough subjects. The students were hanging on every word he said and many wanted to continue the conversation after his talk was over.

Students connected with him because he talks the talk and walks the walk. He's been in dark places and is real about that, but he also talks about the many strategies he uses to deal with negative feelings and leads them through some of those exercises. Students left his talk with new coping skills and ideas for self-care.

Gordon's content is excellent, and so is his delivery. He's passionate about the subject of mental health and helping others; students and faculty were grateful for his visit.


Gordon’s presentation on our Referee Voices panel at the National Association of Sports Officials Summit in 2019 stood out in terms of audience engagement, messaging and take-aways for attendees.

He grabs your attention, holds on, uses tremendously unique examples to drive his point home and delivers punch lines with zest and authority.

If you’re looking for a speaker who commands the stage and motivates the crowd, Gordon is your person.


Steve Kirr
Director, Membership & Regional Development,
US Lacrosse

Gordon provided a remarkable presentation on Mental Agility for those in attendance at the Urban Alliance Conference in Baltimore, MD. My one takeaway from his presentation, which contained many was: When a negative thought arises, we should train ourselves to go through a 3 step process:

  1. Identify the thought, is it positive or negative, if negative.

  2. Challenge it with logic.

  3. Replace it with a positive thought.

Simple… yes. Effective… very! Give it a try! I have, it works and has the ability to change your life!