See how I calm myself before my commute.

Three to six deep breaths into the low belly is an easy, and effective way to engage the relaxation response in your body.


There is no such thing as bad weather; only poor clothing choices.

Mental preparation, when practiced inconsistently, will fail you when you are caught in a storm. If you work to establish healthy habits, your mind will be well insulated from any storm.


Why talk about mental health? Because I made an assumption based on a lack of information that kept me away from treatment for many years.


Depression is ruminating about the past. Anxiety is worry about the future. The present is really all there is, but it is so very difficult to live there. Watch how a quote from a Roman Emperor helps me stay in the moment.


I am naturally Vitamin D deficient. Which means I have to find ways to increase the amount of Vitamin D my body can produce.