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Presentation Descriptions

  • Mental Health (1 hour)

    • Why mental health is important.

    • How to reduce stress.

    • Techniques to hack you mind.

  • Mental Health (2 hours)

    • A deeper dive into mind hacking techniques.

    • More specific to the unique audience.

  • Mental Agility Group Workshop (1.5 hours)

    • 15-30 people.

    • How the brain works.

    • Explain the stress response.

    • Practice how to hack the mind.

    • How to influence your mental state.

  • Mental Agility One on One (1 hour)

    • A more personal take on the group workshop.

    • I listen to where/how you want to be more mentally agile and offer suggestions and techniques that are appropriate.

  • Mental Agility One on One, Virtual (30 minutes)

    • Sometimes, geography is not in our favor.

    • Book a time for a video conference!