Wishing Makes It Easier

I had two opportunities to enact my behavioral change mission of wishing for exactly what was happening at the present moment. Once, while I felt irritated, and once more, while fatigued.

Both times the challenge came up while meditating, which I take as my subconscious bubbling that suggestion to the surface of my conscious mind.

I distinctly remember repeating to myself: “you wish you were here right now, at this exact place.” I wished that I was sitting on a meditation cushion, and, since I was sitting on one, my mind cooed in satisfaction! I wished that I was flat on my bed, listening to the chatter down the hall. Presto! The distracting chatter was welcomed by my mind and quickly became less important to my senses.

This is a curious tool. I know I am tricking my mind into thinking positively about my situation even if I positively want the opposite. Though I know it’s a con, the con still works. More experiments are needed, as I only have two data points, but these experiences have been as rewarding as they have been revealing.

Day 3 in treatment wraps up with little fanfare, and I feel antsy about filling time over the weekend. My plan entails sketching out the organizing framework for my book. A project long due, and one I finally feel ready to make a reality,